About Us

Freedmen’s International Bancshares Inc. Mission, Vision & Values

Transforming and Improving lives

FIBI Mission Statement

FIBI is a De Novo Minority Depository Institutional Impact Investment Bank Holding Company dedicated to helping its underserved global citizen clients in the African Diaspora manage and service their financial assets throughout the investment lifecycle 21st Century capitalism financial and economic inclusion lens herein referred to as shared prosperity.

Whether providing financial services for institutions, corporations, or individual investors, FIBI is committed to executing informed entrepreneurial business development investment management and investment services in Low- and Moderate-Income communities across the America’s along with the 54 nations that are members of the African Union.

FIBI Vision Statement

Transforming and Improving lives in the Diaspora through financial and economic inclusion, innovation and investing.

FIBI Values

Practice a form of 21s Century Capitalism where we walk the streets of gold, touch the pearly gates, feast on milk and honey in that land where is plenty, do a holy dance, shout hallelujah, sing Zion songs in our heavenly home understanding only GOD has POWER, HUMANITY cannot live by bread alone but must live by every word that comes forth out of the mouth of GOD knowing that heaven is a place here on earth where love is the pay, and All men, tribes, nationalities, and families regardless of age or gender are trying to get to heaven here on earth without going through the Cemetery.